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Dam Srichan is the only Thai world class athlete chosen to serve the country for five different sport categories such as, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate-Do and 

Takewondo. Dam Srichan serves the country well. He won many medals in all the sports he served. Especially, a SEA games gold medallist from Muay Thai and Boxing. 

With this variety skill of fighting in combination with his talents, he would like to do more for the public and therefore, Dam Shrichan found the school of Muay Thai and 

crafted the curriculum of Muay Thai himself which become well known and officially accepted by Ministry of Education of Thailand


MUAY THAI is well known around the world as a combat sport that had a number of benefits for health and self-defence. It is not only increasing agility, speed, 

cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength but also help building characters and personality as well as mental peace and relief from the stress


From the first branch at Sukumvit24, we have been successful and draw a lot of attentions from people who lived in many different areas to make a visit to gym. Therefore, 

in order to increase the level of accessibility we have already opened three branches in total such as Sukumvit24, Ratburana soi 18 and Vacharapon.

MUAY THAI Anyone can learn

At KRUDAM GYM, we offer a range of training options ranking from increasing health and fitness benefit such as weight loss program till improving martial arts techniques 

from beginner to advancing skills for professional fighter. The training programs are various depending on the customer levels, and our staffs are required to be active by 

paying close attention to every customers, therefore we can ensure you that all the customers can be perfectly fitted into every class you participated. This is because we 

emphasize on dynamic caring program for each customer level with three trainers keep an eye on you per one session and a number of students are limited to 15 to 20 

maximum per session as well. Thus please call for a booking schedule before you come for your best interest.